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Dr. Hardy* is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and is a member of the *American Society of Plastic Surgery, Northwest Society of Plastic Surgery, American Cleft Palate/Craniofacial Association, Plastic Surgery Education Foundation, Cleft Palate Foundation, and the Montana Medical Association.

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Rebuilding Your Body Image after Breast Removal

Breast Reconstruction - Missoula, Butte, Helena, Montana

Women who undergo mastectomy often lose more than a breast. Many of these women also lose a large portion of their self-esteem and confidence. At Northwest Plastic Surgery Associates, we strive to give mastectomy patients some peace of mind by offering them hope in the hands of a trusted surgeon.

If you have undergone mastectomy, Stephen P. Hardy, M.D.*, encourages you to navigate our website. We want you to have a strong understanding of how we can help, as well as the unparalleled level of service we provide. As you will surely find, breast reconstruction candidates in the Missoula area can expect no less than the best care from our plastic and reconstructive surgery center.

The Breast Reconstruction Procedure

Dr. Hardy* is nationally recognized for his extensive experience in breast reconstruction. This surgical procedure looks to recreate a breast for a patient who has undergone a mastectomy. If your oncologist has advised that reconstruction is appropriate for you, and you have decided to pursue the procedure, Dr. Hardy* will work with you and your mastectomy surgeon to determine the most suitable method of reconstruction.

Generally, reconstruction is accomplished by using one of three methods:

  • Your own body tissue
  • Medical implants
  • A combination of the two

The Breast Reconstruction Timeline

Depending on your medical situation, your overall health and lifestyle, and your goals, you may decide to have either immediate breast reconstruction in Missoula, which is performed at the time of the mastectomy, or delayed reconstruction, which may be performed weeks, months, or even years after your initial surgery. Dr. Hardy* will consult with you and your surgeon about your best course of action.

Contact Us

Dr. Hardy* can address whatever concerns you might have regarding breast reconstruction at our Missoula surgical center. Reach out to our dedicated staff and schedule a consultation at Northwest Plastic Surgery Associates today.