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Our Staff – Missoula, Montana


At Northwest Plastic Surgery Associates, our staff is committed to making each patient’s experience as positive and rewarding as possible. Located in Northwest Montana, our practice provides cosmetic surgery services for patients in Missoula, Polson, and all surrounding areas.

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MS. ANGELA HARDY: It's really important to Dr. Hardy that his staff emote the same personality traits that he emotes to his patients. He really, really wants his patients to be completely comfortable and at ease. DR. STEPHEN HARDY: I think that with the staff, I like them because what I saw in them is what I try and do with myself and in my practice. And so I can see that they care. They're very understanding people. They're kind, and I think that they will take the time with the patient to explain what they need to say. And so everybody here is very dedicated, and I think we all kind of share that sense of, you know, let's be a nice person about this. There's no reason to be grouchy with anybody. There's no reason to be short with anybody. We want to explain things to people and make sure that their questions are answered, and make sure they feel comfortable with what's going on. Never feel that, you know, they're rushing into an operation, they're really not sure what's going on. And all of them have that sense, which is really a nice feeling. I mean, I would feel happy. As a matter of fact, my nurse Laura, I let her do little procedures on me all the time, whether it be a little bit of Botox or laser me. She's fantastic, and she's very, very good. She's very gentle. She's good with her hands. And you know, I feel perfectly comfortable letting her do that on me, the same way with anybody else. The whole team is like that here. We all work very hard at trying to make the patient feel very comfortable.