Neck Lift Surgery Candidates By Stephen Hardy M.D. on November 08, 2012

Missoula Neck Lift Surgery CandidatesDue to consistent exposure to the sun, wind, and other environmental elements, the neck is often one of the first areas of the body to develop skin laxity and wrinkles. For some patients, their genetic make-up and the natural anatomy of the neck results in pockets of excess fat under the chin and on the front of the neck. At Dr. Stephen P. Hardy’s Missoula plastic surgery practice, Northwest Plastic Surgery Associates, we perform procedures on the neck to produce a more contoured appearance and correct some common signs of aging. Neck lift surgery or liposuction may be performed to achieve desired results.

Neck Lift Surgery

To improve the appearance of the neck line, Dr. Hardy may recommend lower facelift surgery, facial liposuction, or neck lift surgery. A combination of facial plastic surgery procedures may be performed to maximize your results. On its own, Missoula patients undergo the neck lift procedure to tighten the skin on the neck and remove extra fat from around the neck and chin. This will improve a patient’s appearance, but it will not correct wrinkles or lost elasticity on the lower or upper face. This is why Dr. Hardy will likely suggest that a lower facelift or complete facelift be performed alongside the neck lift. For many of our patients in Missoula, liposuction may also be recommended. Liposuction helps Dr. Hardy remove a maximum amount of excess fat and can enhance your surgical results. Liposuction is especially beneficial for patients who are concerned with the appearance of a double chin.


Most of our patients who are seeking neck lift surgery are 50 years old or older; however, there is no age requirement for neck lift surgery. Many factors play a role in determining when a patient begins to notice loose skin around the neck. Some of these factors include genetic background, skin type, and even lifestyle choices. No matter your age, if you are unhappy with the appearance of your neck and your overall health is good, you should learn more about the procedure.

Of course, it is also important that our patients know what they should and should not expect from neck lift surgery. Neck lift surgery will treat hanging skin and wrinkles on the neck and near the chin. Neck lift surgery will not drastically change your appearance and, as stated above, neck lift surgery will not treat the signs of aging on other parts of the face. If you are looking to improve your neckline by tightening the skin, have a clear understanding of what to expect from the procedure, and are generally healthy, you are the ideal candidate for neck lift surgery. If you are a good candidate for neck lift surgery, your next step should be informing yourself about what to expect from the surgery and the recovery that will be required. You will also need to find an experienced and trustworthy surgeon, such as Dr. Hardy.

Schedule a Consultation

If it sounds like you are a good candidate for neck lift surgery and you would like to receive more information, schedule a consultation with Dr. Stephen P. Hardy. Dr. Hardy is a board certified plastic surgeon with years of experience. He and his staff can be trusted to provide you with safe and effective results.

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