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A tummy tuck will improve your silhouette and give an improved contour to your abdomen.  The main purpose of this procedure is to get rid of the excess skin and fat along your abdomen.  People of normal body weight and proportion can develop an abdomen that protrudes or has excess skin.  Common causes of this are pregnancy and aging.   This procedure is not a weight loss procedure and will not change your weight significantly.  To obtain the best results we recommend that if you plan on losing weight do it  prior to the procedure.

It is also important to try and maintain your weight after the procedure which will maintain your results for years to come.  A recent study from the American Board of Plastic Surgery showed that patients who had a tummy tuck maintained their weight for many years after the procedure and the majority of patients are happy with their results long term.

Northwest Plastic Surgery has a great way to help you lose weight prior to or maintain your weight after the procedure, Ideal Protein. The Ideal Protein program uses 1 on 1 weight loss coaching with a specialist to help you reach your weight loss goals.   

There are two main types of tummy tucks, mini and full. A mini tummy tuck will address the excess skin of the lower abdomen only and does not tighten the underlying muscles. A full tummy tuck will address the entire abdomen, tightens the underlying muscles, and often combines liposuction to give you the best abdominal contour possible.  The surgeons at Northwest Plastic Surgery can help you determine which is appropriate for you. 

A tummy tuck is an extensive procedure and the recovery time will take 2-3 weeks. It is important to have someone at home to help you during the first several days after the procedure.  Taking time to rest and recover from this procedure will make your post op course much smoother. 

Our team at Northwest Plastic Surgery Associates has extensive experience with tummy tucks and can help you obtain great, long lasting results from this procedure.  

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Stephen P. Hardy, M.D.

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