Breast Implant Profiles Help Create a Patient’s Desired Bust Line By Stephen Hardy M.D. on July 17, 2014

The shapely and attractive bust line of a female patientThe breasts are considered by many females to be one of their most important physical features. However, many women are dissatisfied with the shape or size or their breasts. Breast augmentation can enhance the size and shape of the breasts as well as create symmetry between the two breasts. There are many factors that go into creating a patient’s ideal bust line. Aside from choosing an implant that is appealing in size, type, and texture, our Missoula patients must consider breast implant profiles. Plastic surgeon Stephen Hardy has a thorough understanding of breast implant profiles and can recommend the breast implant profile that will work best with each woman’s natural breast shape while allowing patients to achieve the bust line they desire.

Types of Breast Implant Profiles

There are many ways in which breast augmentation can be customized in order to enhance the bust line to the patient’s liking. Each of these aspects is important in helping the patient achieve her aesthetic ideal. One of the most personalized aspects of breast augmentation is the breast implant that is used. Breast implants can be customized by size, texture, type (silicone or saline), and profile. The breast implant profile describes the shape of the implant, mainly how the volume of the implant is distributed and how far outward the implant projects. Below are some brief descriptions of the most common types of breast implant profiles:

  • Low profile: Low profile implants have the widest base available and project the least. While they are the flattest breast implant profile, many patients believe these offer the most natural breast appearance for wide-framed women.
  • Moderate profile: The moderate implant profile has a slightly narrower bottom than the low profile implant and therefore projects slightly further. This implant offers a little more projection while maintaining a natural appearance.
  • High profile: High profile implants have a narrower base and create greater projection, adding more fullness to the upper breast. While these implants create the look of a full, round breast, some patients feel that this profile is less natural in appearance.
  • Extra high profile: The extra high profile breast implant offers the greatest projection, with the narrowest base. These are the roundest breast implants and are not the right choice for all patients, as they create a very distinctive appearance.

Choosing a Breast Implant Profile

When choosing a breast implant profile, it is important to consider the shape of the breast that you desire. However, it is equally important to consider the natural shape of the breast. For instance, a patient who has a wide breast base would not be well-suited to a high profile breast implant with a narrow base. However, a high profile implant may be a good option for patients with thin tissue covering, as it creates a full shape that can prevent visible rippling. Dr. Hardy will take into consideration each patient’s aesthetic desires as well as their natural breast shape when recommending an appropriate breast implant profile.

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