Five Signs It’s Time for You to Consider Facelift Surgery By Stephen Hardy M.D. on May 17, 2016

A woman looking fresher and healthier after facelift surgeryThe decision to get a facelift is a highly personal, extremely individual one. It’s the sort of decision that should be entirely one’s own, with minimal influence from anyone else. A person must be mentally and emotionally at ease with the decision, confident in his or her reasons and possessed of reasonable, realistic expectations.

Of course, in order to make a confident decision about whether to undergo facelift surgery, patients must first be able to recognize the signs that they may benefit from a facelift. Some people who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their faces due to wrinkles and sagging skin may not realize that facelift techniques have come a long way throughout the years, and that they can achieve elegant natural-looking results with none of the tell-tale signs of having undergone plastic surgery that were associated with the pulled-back look of facelifts of yesteryear. Other people may simply not know that facelift surgery is a viable option for them, and that a consultation with a skilled, experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr. Stephen P. Hardy at Northwest Plastic Surgery Associates, PLLC will confirm their candidacy for the procedure.

Here are five signs it’s possibly time for a facelift, provided by our Missoula, MT plastic surgeon. If you relate to any of these signs, we invite you to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Hardy today to learn more about how you could benefit from a facelift customized to meet your unique needs and goals.

Sign #1: Your Laugh Lines Aren’t So Funny to You.

Nasolabial folds, colloquially known as “laugh lines,” are the lines that used to appear between the sides of your nose and the sides of your mouth whenever you laughed or smiled. If they now appear even when your face is at rest, then you may be ready for at least a midface lift, which focuses on the lower half of the face.

Sign #2: Your Cheeks Are Not As Full As They Used to Be.

As we age, the fat pads that give our cheeks that full, round appearance begin to droop and sag. As a result, the cheeks can take on a hollow, aged appearance. Facelift surgery can elevate the fat pads and restore youthful fullness to the cheeks.

Sign #3: You’re Nobody’s Puppet!

So why in the world should you have to put up with marionette lines? Marionette lines are the wrinkles that run from the corners of the mouth to the edges of the chin, and facelift surgery can help to reduce their appearance dramatically.

Sign #4: Even The Word “Jowl” Makes You Wince.

There isn’t a facial exercise, special diet, or skin-tightening lotion on earth that will rid you of jowls once they start to form. Facelift surgery, on the other hand, can help to lift that hanging skin and restore definition to the jawline.

Sign #5: You’re Tired of Looking Tired.

Facelift surgery isn’t simply about rejuvenation. It’s also about making you look fresher and healthier. Wrinkles and drooping skin can make a person look perpetually exhausted and drained, a state that a facelift can help to address.

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