Male vs. Female Rhinoplasty: What Is the Difference? By Stephen Hardy M.D. on October 17, 2017

Male vs. female rhinoplastyAre you dissatisfied with the appearance of your nose? If you have a large, crooked, or disproportionate nose compared to the other features of your face, we can perform a rhinoplasty at Northwest Plastic Surgery Associates, PLLC in Missoula, MT. As the second most popular plastic surgery procedure performed in the United States (behind breast augmentation), a successful nose job can enhance your overall appearance and boost your self-confidence.

In order to help patients achieve desirable results, Dr. Stephen P. Hardy provides a variety of techniques. Choosing a surgeon knowledgeable in the difference between the methods used for a male vs. female rhinoplasty will prevent you from having unnecessary revision surgeries in the future. Below are two reasons why a rhinoplasty is performed differently for male and female patients.

Why Someone May Want a Rhinoplasty

A rhinoplasty provides patients the opportunity to correct the appearance of their nose, while also improving medical conditions known for causing difficulty breathing, such as chronic sinus infections, and snoring. Whether you are choosing a rhinoplasty to repair an injured nose, correct a medical condition, or simply want to improve the aesthetics of your face, your rhinoplasty treatment plan will be designed to meet your unique needs and cosmetic goals. Once completed, you will not only look better, but also feel better.

Men and Women Have Different Nose Anatomy

The male nose tends to be more prominent than the female nose, with a wide-set appearance and a higher bridge. In addition, there are often differences in the calumellar angle and dorsal hump positioning. Because it typically has thicker skin and cartilage, the male nose requires more strategic methods when reshaping its appearance. Compared to the male counterpart, a female nose is smaller and more defined with less cartilage to maneuver.

Men and Women Have Different Aesthetic Desires

Men and women often have different end goals when planning their rhinoplasties. Most men want to maintain some prominence and masculinity to their nose and overall facial features, while correcting a crooked tip, removing an obvious hump, or simply straightening a deviated septum. Women tend to want a nose that is smaller, sleeker, and straighter, creating an overall more balanced structure to their facial features. While a smaller, shorter tip is a great desire for most women, this particular look can create a negative result for males undergoing nose surgery.

During the consultation, the surgeon will meet with you to discuss your personal desires while carefully measuring the width and tip of your nose, in addition to how your changes will factor into your face’s shape and structure so as to help gauge your expectations. Providing clear direction to your surgeon will ensure you achieve desirable results.

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There’s no reason to live dissatisfied with the appearance of your nose any longer. As a skilled and highly sought out surgeon, Dr. Hardy can perform a personalized rhinoplasty to meet your aesthetic desires. To learn more about what a rhinoplasty can address and how it can benefit you personally, contact our practice today online or by calling (406) 728-3811. Dr. Hardy can help you achieve a straighter or smaller nose, as well as a more attractive appearance and improved self-confidence.

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