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Mommy Makeover

The physical effects of pregnancy and nursing can result in excess skin or hanging, deflated breasts that cause physical discomfort.

A mommy makeover can give you a firmer, more toned, and more youthful-looking body, often leading to improved self-confidence.

At Northwest Plastic Surgery Associates in Missoula, MT, Dr. Stephen P. Hardy can safely perform your mommy makeover.

For your convenience, we have offices in Helena, and Polson, MT that serve the greater Missoula area.

Why Choose Dr. Hardy for Your Mommy Makeover?


Dr. Hardy believes in helping patients achieve optimal aesthetic results, but he also puts safety first. Although many surgeons will include breast procedures and tummy tuck in one operation, Dr. Hardy feels that combining surgeries creates an unnecessary risk of complications. Each surgery will be performed one at a time, with an appropriate recovery period in between. Our plastic surgeon will create an individualized cosmetic treatment plan and schedule for each of our patients. 


Dr. Hardy underwent Ivy League training at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. Today, he is a board-certified plastic surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, serving the Missoula area. He has a national reputation for excellence and commitment to patient care and education. He is also a member of prestigious medical organizations, including the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association.

Request a Consultation

Dr. Hardy is a cosmetic surgeon who will take time to listen to your goals and understand your needs in order to deliver results that provide many years of valuable benefits. 

To ensure the safety of each of his patients, Dr. Hardy performs one procedure at a time when providing a mommy makeover. While this extends the treatment timeline, it ensures safety, which is Dr. Hardy's top priority. As Dr. Hardy's patient, you can expect a safe and uplifting journey to achieving the enhancements you want.

Call to request a consultation at one of our Greater Missoula, MT, offices in Helena or Polson, MT:

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Dr. Hardy
Dr. Hardy is a board-certified plastic surgeon providing mommy makeover procedures to patients in the Missoula area.

"Don’t bother leaving Montana to find another." 5-Star Reviews From Missoula, MT-Area Patients


Krystina Beach


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Love Dr. Hardy and his staff! They’re all very friendly and knowledgeable. I always know I’m in great hands when I’m there. Best plastic surgeon!

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LaVerna Munro


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The best you will find , compassionate and highly skilled. Don’t bother leaving Montana to find another. Dr Hardy is the best.

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How Pregnancy Affects Your Figure

Pregnancy often causes irreversible changes to the body. Skin that has been stretched, especially on the belly and breasts, can slacken and sag. Abdominal muscles can weaken and separate, and accumulated fat may stubbornly persist. Diet and exercise are often not enough to overcome these physical changes, but surgery by an experienced surgeon can tone your tummy and other areas typically affected by childbirth and pregnancy.

Am I a Candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

When you visit our Polson office or one of our satellite locations for your consultation with our plastic surgeon, we will determine if you are a good candidate for treatment.

Good Health

Health conditions that make elective surgery risky or could cause complications with anesthesia need to be ruled out.

No Future Pregnancy Plans

Ideal candidates should not be planning to have more children, as it could reverse the effects of treatment.

Near or at Your Ideal Weight

Patients should be near or at their ideal weight so we can remove the appropriate amount of skin and achieve the best long-term results.

Realistic Expectations

Candidates also need to have realistic expectations and a thorough understanding of the time it will take to accomplish their aesthetic goals.

Do You Qualify For Treatment? Request a Consultation

See if you qualify for a mommy makeover treatment plan by meeting with our board-certified plastic surgeon. Call to request a consultation:


"I have been a patient of Dr. Hardy’s for over 10 years." More 5-Star Reviews From Missoula, MT, Area Patients


Gayle Butler


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Dr. Steve Hardy and his staff are top notch. I have been a patient of Dr. Hardy’s for over ten years.

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Krystina Beach


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Love Dr. Hardy and his staff! They’re all very friendly and knowledgeable. I always know I’m in great hands when I’m there. Best plastic surgeon!

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Stunning Transformations Liposuction Before and After

Liposuction is a popular procedure Missoula patients frequently include in their personalized mommy makeover surgery. Losing unresponsive fat deposits gained during pregnancy can be challenging without medical intervention. Dr. Hardy can help you tighten your figure to produce stunning and natural-looking results.

This greater Missoula, MT, patient used liposuction to enhance the contours of her arms.


What a Tummy Tuck Can Do For Mommy Makeover Patients

A tummy tuck is frequently included in mommy makeover surgery. Stubborn fat and excess skin left on the bottom and sides of the tummy can be addressed with this procedure, along with separated abdominal muscles.
Diagram showing different treatment areas
Dr. Hardy is a board-certified plastic surgeon who uses state-of-the-art technology and techniques to give you a lean, toned midsection.

Step-by-Step Treatment Timeline

Dr. Hardy prefers to only do one procedure at a time to ensure safety and the best overall results.
Dr. Hardy prefers to only do one procedure at a time to ensure safety and the best overall results.


During your consultation, our plastic surgeon will ask you questions to understand what you're looking to accomplish and your overall goals for your mommy makeover. He will help create a plan to accomplish each of your goals and let you know a general timeline for treatment.

Sedation & Anesthesia

Dr. Hardy will provide anesthesia and sedation as needed to make sure you are completely comfortable throughout each phase of your treatment.


Your treatment timeline will depend mainly on how many procedures are included in your treatment plan. Dr. Hardy prefers to only do one procedure at a time to ensure safety and the best overall results.


Dr. Hardy will inform patients of necessary aftercare tips following their procedure, including medication for pain relief and how long you should take off of work and daily activities to have a successful recovery.

Aftercare Tips

Abstain from Alcohol Consumption

You will need to avoid drinking any alcoholic beverages for one to two weeks after each surgery. Dr. Hardy will advise when it is safe to resume moderate alcohol consumption.

Take Medication

Dr. Hardy may prescribe medication for pain relief and healing, or he may recommend you take over-the-counter medication. 

Take Short Walks

While patients should relax and avoid strenuous exercise following their mommy makeover, short walks are recommended to aid in circulation and avoid developing any blood clots.

No Heavy Lifting

Avoid lifting anything heavy and performing any strenuous activities while you're healing. This includes carrying children.

Rest and Relax

Take this time to relax and recover. Dr. Hardy will inform you of how long you should take off from work and other routine obligations. Arranging for help with childcare is often extremely beneficial during recovery.

"Dr. Hardy’s work is amazing!" More 5-Star Reviews from Our Missoula Area Patients


Jessica Mumm


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Dr. Hardy and all the staff are wonderful! It was a comfortable, informative, & great experience. Dr. Hardy’s work is amazing!

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K Shoe


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The staff is very friendly and professional! I would recommend their facility to all of my friends and family! :D

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Stephen P. Hardy, M.D.

Stephen P. Hardy, M.D.

Dr. Stephen P. Hardy is a renowned plastic surgeon with prestigious national affiliations:

  • American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS)
  • American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)
  • American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association (ACPA)

To schedule your consultation, contact us online or call us at (406) 728-3811.

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