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At Northwest Plastic Surgery Associates, PLLC, we value a comprehensive non-surgical approach of bringing your inner beauty to the surface. Because of this, we are constantly keeping our eye on the world of skin care science to ensure that only the most effective and safe lines are offered at our clinic. When researching the skin care that we choose to offer to our Missoula, Montana patients, we take into consideration the methods used to source and develop the ingredients, as well as the way these specific ingredients are formulated, for the best efficacy on the skin. We feel strongly that skin care should be developed specifically for medical and clinical use, as the standards for medical-grade products are held to more scrutiny than those of over-the-counter products.

Skin Care We are Proud to Provide

The sourcing of the raw ingredients used in a skin care product is of the utmost importance. Knowing whether the raw ingredients were created in a lab or taken from a plant is an important factor, as well as the process used for harvesting. Cold pressed ingredients have more nutrients than heat pressed ingredients, and this makes a difference in the effectiveness of a final product. In addition to the sourcing of the ingredients, the percentage of active ingredients in a skin care product is another important factor to consider. When the amounts of active ingredients are compromised for price, the effectiveness of the change in the skin is also evident. A skin care product should be formulated to both protect and alleviate the symptoms that are being targeted. After a series of research studies and trials, we are proud to offer the Société® and M2 Skin lines at Northwest Plastic Surgery Associates, PLLC.

Société® Clinical Skincare

Société® Clinical Skincare has a deep commitment to natural, well-formulated systems that are absent of sodium laurel sulfate (a known skin irritant used in many products as a less expensive, corrosive cleanser). The skin care line offers a series of treatments through skin preparation and cleansing, corrective agents and hydration, and repair. There is also the new Ultimate Eye Lift System that is a two-step age reversal regimen, utilized to firm and plump the skin around the eyes, producing both immediate and long-term improvement. Together with chemical peel treatments, Northwest Plastic Surgery Associates, PLLC, is able to offer a comprehensive line for all skin conditions.

M2 Skin Technologies

M2 Skin Technologies has taken the science and research behind Mandelic and Malic acids to create a highly effective trio of products. The trio of skin care products was designed to cover a wide range of skin concerns, ideal for the patient that is concerned about multiple steps in a skin care regimen. These anti-inflammatory botanicals, derived from the apple, work to control oil, kill bacteria, fight free radicals, exfoliate and soften skin, tighten pores, stimulate collage, calm redness and inflammation, and fade unwanted pigmentation in the skin. The M2 line can accomplish all of this with significantly less irritation than AHA or retinol routines. M2 is also a safe alternative for darker skin tones and pigment levels.

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Cosmetic improvements can be made without the need for surgery, which is why Northwest Plastic Surgery Associates, PLLC, proudly offers a full range of skin care solutions. If you are interested in either of our clinical skin care lines, please do not hesitate to contact our Missoula practice to arrange a skin consultation or request more information.

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