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Available at Dr. Stephen P. Hardy's Missoula practice, the Sciton Profile ClearScan is a gentle, non-invasive, long-lasting solution for unwanted hair on all body parts and any skin type.

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FEMALE VOICE: People have lots of options for hair removal. For most people, though, the best option is one that is fast and thorough and as comfortable as possible. ALLIE: I wanted to remove hair on my bikini area. I had tried everything for hair removal, from shaving to waxing to threading, and nothing seemed to work. I tried another laser prior to ClearScan, and it was very uncomfortable, and the process took a lot longer, and the ClearScan laser was comfortable, and I didn't notice too much pain during it. It was mild, as was to be expected, and afterwards, there was no pain at all. BOB: What I've seen is just, you know, hairs turning under the skin. You know, you can shave every day. Most people say, you shave every day. That'll solve the problem. That does not solve the problem. All that does is sometimes make the problem worse. FEMALE VOICE: ClearScan from Sciton is the solution for permanent hair reduction for all skin types, including dark and tanned skin. ClearScan is effective. It delivers the ideal wavelength for permanent hair reduction. It achieves permanent hair reduction through selective targeting of the melanin that's found in hair follicles. Its deep, penetrating wavelength and correct pulse width can penetrate to the deepest follicles. BOB: What I've seen is the hair's gone from a very coarse type hair texture to a very fine hair texture. So the hairs turning under aren't as common. I don't shave as much. I shaved this morning, just because I knew I was going to be sitting in front of a camera, but I probably shave once every other day now, and hopefully I won't have to shave at all soon. ALLIE: I love the results. I'm very excited. They are exactly what I wanted. I don't have to think about body hair as much anymore. And I went to the beach this summer. Didn't have to worry about anything, and I'm really excited about it. FEMALE VOICE: ClearScan is fast. Its technology delivers precise and consistent results. The computer-guided scanner covers large areas rapidly and evenly for maximum reduction in each treatment. ALLIE: I was really surprised because I thought it was going to be more painful, it was going to take longer, maybe even be some downtime, and there was none of that. It was quick. It was efficient, and it was pretty painless. FEMALE VOICE: ClearScan is designed for patient comfort and safety. With its powerful integrated cooling system, ClearScan gives your physician precise control over cooling, including full skin contact for maximum comfort before, during and after treatment. BOB: This is the nice part about this treatment. The downtime, I didn't see any real downtime. I would get treatment, and I would go right back into the office. There was no pain associated with it. I didn't have to go home and put ice packs on my face. I didn't have to go hide. ALLIE: There was no healing process. It was just as simple, it was probably even more comfortable than going to go get a wax or something. It was more comfortable than that. FEMALE VOICE: Permanent hair reduction requires multiple treatments. Your physician will determine the number of treatments that are right for you. Over the course of your treatments, most hair will be permanently removed. The hair that does regrow will be finer and lighter than before. The ClearScan system can be used on just about any area of the body. The lip, the face and bikini line, the arms, underarms and legs, as well as the back. ALLIE: If somebody is considering doing the ClearScan laser, I would definitely recommend it and suggest that they do it right away because the sooner you do it, the quicker results you get. BOB: Do it. Do it. If you have a problem, if you want to get it dealt with, do it. It's the easiest, painless, cost-effective treatment that I've seen, period. And I've tried a lot of them. And I've even bought home products over the internet. They don't work. I've tried a lot of them. I say do it. FEMALE VOICE: Permanent hair reduction for all skin types including dark and tanned skin. Robotic scanning technology for fast and consistent results, and an integrated full-contact cooling system for patient comfort and safety. That's ClearScan from Sciton.

Stephen P. Hardy, M.D.

Stephen P. Hardy, M.D.

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