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Available at our Missoula office, the Sciton Laser removes thin layers of the skin's surface to allow for younger skin growth, softening and erasing wrinkles and greatly improving pigmented lesions. Treatments performed by using the Sciton Laser are MicroLaserPeel, Deep Resurfacing and ProFractional Therapy.

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FEMALE VOICE: Younger looking, healthier feeling skin. Skin that is smoother and more vibrant. It's something we all hope for as we age. Fortunately, there are options that help you get what you are hoping for. Options that can deliver dramatic improvement in wrinkles, scars and pigment. Options for improved skin tone and texture. Treatments performed by your physician, including MicroLaserPeel, Deep Resurfacing, ProFractional Therapy, and combination treatments, all made possible by Sciton laser technology. CAROLYN: Well, when I was younger, and even into early adulthood, I had acne, and I almost think it was probably worse in my early 20s. And so there was scarring that, you know, made me unhappy, and that was really what I wanted to try and fix and make my skin smoother overall. DOMINIQUE: It was the spots that troubled me more than anything. And that's how I started. DEBORAH: I looked in the mirror and saw someone ten years older and knew that that's not the person that I really was inside. CONNIE: I think when people are talking to you or looking at you, they're looking at your eyes, they're looking at your mouth. And for me, I wanted those to be as good as they could be for my age. FEMALE VOICE: MicroLaserPeel is an intraepidermal laser peel that precisely ablates or removes the outermost layers of the skin. The procedure is individually tailored to each patient and the condition being treated. Sometimes referred to as the weekend peel because of the minimal downtime you can expect, Sciton's MicroLaserPeel will deliver noticeable improvement in a matter of days. MicroLaserPeel is the perfect solution for anyone looking for more than what can be done by microdermabrasion or a light chemical peel, but who has little time for a prolonged healing process. Another resurfacing solution that delivers dramatic results with little to no downtime is known as ProFractional Therapy, also from Sciton. It is a quick and comfortable fractional laser procedure that can improve the overall appearance of your skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines while simultaneously improving skin tone and texture. The beauty of the Sciton laser is that your physician has ultimate control and can optimize settings for your individual needs. During a ProFractional session, thousands of microscopic channels are created in the skin. These channels are left surrounded by untreated skin, leaving the surrounding skin intact, speeds healing and makes the treatment and recovery more comfortable. While the deep channels of treated tissue heal, collagen in the skin is strengthened and remodeled. The body's natural healing process, combined with collagen remodeling, means that superficial imperfections are almost immediately corrected, while the skin's texture and tone will continue to improve weeks and months after treatment. Typically done in a series of one to four treatment sessions, spaced three to six weeks apart, healing takes only a few days. Most skin areas can be treated, but the most popular areas are the face, neck, chest and hands. DEBORAH: The healing was so simple, and that's what I really liked about the process. DOMINIQUE: You wake up one morning, I swear, and it looks better. Like, all of a sudden, it has changed overnight. You know, it's smoother. It was like I could see it working. CAROLYN: Some of my friends who hadn't seen me for a while, it's just overall comments like, oh, you look great. You look really well-rested, and that's how I felt. I did feel really well-rested, and you know, your skin looks great. What are you doing? And questions like that. FEMALE VOICE: For some people, a combination treatment may be the ideal solution. Again, your physician knows best and can tailor a treatment plan to meet your specific needs and cosmetic goals. With Sciton's technology, your physician has the option to combine a MicroLaserPeel with ProFractional using MicroLaserPeel to remove superficial skin lesions and other irregularities. And then ProFractional Therapy for deep collagen remodeling. When combination treatments are recommended and performed, you'll not only get better results, but you'll get those results with fewer treatments. CAROLYN: If you can do both of them at one time, I think that's a great way to go. DOMINIQUE: Do it all at once. It's a great thing. It's a great thing. FEMALE VOICE: Your physician may also recommend deep resurfacing, another solution available from Sciton. The same Sciton system used for MicroLaserPeel treatments can be tuned for deeper resurfacing to improve the skin's appearance, treat mild to deep wrinkles, and reduce scars. The laser used, called Contour TRL, which stands for Tunable Resurfacing Laser, gives your physician the most complete control to optimize treatment for a patient's skin type, desired outcome and downtime expectations. It's an extremely versatile system and just another tool your physician has to help you achieve the results you seek. DEBORAH: Can you see I'm beaming? [Laughter] There it is. There's a confidence. My family say when I walked in the door. CONNIE: I would do it again. I'd do it in a heartbeat. I think the laser procedure, it's like a miracle. FEMALE VOICE: Laser resurfacing options, MicroLaserPeel, ProFractional Therapy, Deep Resurfacing and Combination Treatments. Options for smoother, healthier and more vibrant skin. Options that allow you to look your best. Options from your physician and from Sciton.

Stephen P. Hardy, M.D.

Stephen P. Hardy, M.D.

Dr. Stephen P. Hardy is a renowned plastic surgeon with prestigious national affiliations:

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