Chin Implants By Stephen Hardy M.D. on February 08, 2013

Chin ImplantsWhen it comes to facial aesthetics, it's really about the whole package. Different parts of the face will complement others in a number of ways, some of which are unpredictable. That's quite true with the chin. You may not realize just how much the shape of the chin can alter your overall appearance, but it's true. One option for chin reshaping involves the use of chin implants. When you meet with a Missoula plastic surgeon, you'll be able to get all of your questions and concerns about chin implants addressed in full detail. Right now, we'd like to just go over the basics so you know what to expect.

About Chin Implants

Chin implants are custom-shaped synthetic implants that are placed into the chin area during a chin augmentation surgery. The chin augmentation surgery will improve the overall contour and prominence of the chin in the patient.

Ideal Candidates for Chin Implants

The best candidates for chin implants are people who have chins that are weak/not prominent and patients who have issues with the shape of their chins (e.g., asymmetry). These patients should be in good overall health and not suffer from any health conditions that would make the surgery a risky proposition.

In some cases, patients who have a very prominent nose may be a good candidate for chin implants, eliminating the need for a rhinoplasty (nose job). This tends to be the case for people with weak chins since having a chin that is not prominent will draw more attention to the nose.

The Chin Implants Procedure

During the chin implant procedure, an incision is made inside the lower lip at the crease where the interior of the lip meets the jaw. Through this incision, the chin implant is inserted and carefully positioned. Any bone contouring that needs to be performed is done through this incision as well. Once the chin implant is in place, sutures are placed to allow the incision to heal.

Are chin implants right for me?

Many patients who get facial implants placed are pleased with the results, but that doesn't necessarily mean that chin implants will be ideal for you. In cases in which a patient's nose is too prominent, sometimes it's ideal for the patient to undergo a rhinoplasty instead of getting a chin implant. During your visit to our Missoula cosmetic plastic surgery practice, we will be sure to go over all of the options that would best meet your aesthetic goals.

Other Options for Facial Rejuvenation

In addition to chin implants, there are also facial implants for the lips and the cheekbones, both of which can prove very effective depending on your dental health needs. In addition, you may also want to consider other facial rejuvenation options, such as Missoula facelift or cosmetic eyelid surgery. We will be more than happy to consider all of your makeover options when you stop by the practice.

Contact Our Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Practice

For more information about chin implants and the other great options out there for comprehensive facial rejuvenation, be sure to contact our Missoula, Montana cosmetic plastic surgery center today. The entire team looks forward to meeting you in person and helping you achieve the best possible results.

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