"The major benefit is to allow the patient to look better..."

Enhance Your Figure with Body Contouring


Body contouring includes both surgical and non-surgical procedures specifically designed to tighten and tone your figure. We provide body contouring treatments including tummy tucks, liposuction, and CoolSculpting®. Dr. Stephen P. Hardy can provide personalized care to help you achieve your goals.

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So body contouring refers to, basically, reshaping the body through either aggressive invasive means or superficial non-invasive means. And so, liposuction, for example, is the first thing that comes to mind where you can reshape the body, eliminate certain folds by removing the fatty tissue, but by not affecting the skin. We also can non-invasively shape the body with something, for example, like Coolsculpting, where we're effectively cooling the fat down to a point where the fat crystallizes within the cells. The fatty cells die, and the body reabsorbs them. The other portion of body contouring is tissue removal and the largest example of that would be tummy tuck, whereby the extra skin of the abdomen is removed and everything is then pulled tightly. The major benefit of body contouring surgery is to allow the patient to look better in a swimsuit or just look better in their clothing, where they can wear a tighter-fitting shirt. They don't have to worry about that little pooch where the edge of their belt, that type of thing.

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